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"As the most experienced insurance agent in Chiang Mai we're well placed to provide you with the very best insurance solution. Give us try you've got nothing to lose."

Andy Williams | Insurance advisor


"He knows his stuff!"
Making expat financial products transparent and honest is not an easy job, yet you always deliver with a smile
Jacob Mellor
Chiang Mai
The pain of a dog bite is negligible. The peace of mind in getting timely treatment with a solid insurance policy is priceless"
Kate Harrah
Chiang Mai
When we found ourselves in predicaments no one could have foreseen, they both jumped in and went out of their way to help us.… "They gave us quick personal service with out-of-the-box solutions. We couldn't be happier!
Carol Nelson
Chiang Mai
Insurance seems so confusing sometimes and then being an expat with not knowing the language makes a bit more unnerving . Insurance is meant to put your mind at ease and be there for you in an emergency . You have helped with putting my mind at ease .
Chiang Mai
Without Andy’s competence and Thai language expertise, I would have had a much more difficult experience dealing in a stressful situation
Douglas Canete
Chiang Mai
Andy’s been brokering insurance in Thailand for 12 years and saved many expats from disaster. He speaks scholarly Thai and knows how to deal with insurers and hospitals
Godfree Roberts
Chiang Mai

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