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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance in Chiang Mai Thailand is considered a no-brainer for most that know about it, but few do. Learn more below and decide if it’s right for you.

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Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Many save money on their main Health Insurance by agreeing to a high deductible. This effectively renders your insurance useless for everyday accidents. But if you combine that policy with a Personal Accident Insurance – then you will likely achieve the very best Solution.

Depending on your age you may pay as little as 10 baht a day and receive 100,000b cover. Thus paying out for smaller accidents that would not be covered on your annual health policy. And please note that cover is per accident, so in the event you have multiple accidents you are still fully covered.

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Critical benefits include

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100,000 baht

Plan 1: Unlimited coverage of medical expenses of up to 100,000 Baht per accident

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50,000 baht
Cover Per accident

Plan 2: Unlimited coverage of medical expenses of up to 50,000 Baht per accident

365 Days cover

Daily hospitalization benefits of 1,000 Baht per day for up to 365 days per accident

Nationally Recognised

Medical treatment following an accident at 250+ AZCP contract hospitals

No Medical

No medical required. Easy application process. Don’t forget, and regret it later

real-life scenarios

Three real-life accident scenarios, and how your Insurance would or would not cover you.

The following three case study examples are ‘real‘, only the names have been changed for anonymity.



Personal Accident Cover – Plan 2
Full medical cover

Slip in the shower

Anthony’s slipped in the shower and cut his back. He treated the cut himself. After a few days the cut became infected and required hospital treatment.

7,123 ฿

The doctors’ consultations, treatment, medication and follow up treatment was covered and paid for by the personal accident insurance policy.

Full claim

Anthony was able to claim 100%, and without having to pay first and claim later.

Total cost: 0 baht



No Personal Accident Insurance
Full medical cover

Dog Bite

Mary had been bitten by a street dog. She wisely visited the hospital who gave her rabies shots and treated the wound. She also needed several follow-up treatments.

15,000 ฿

Her general health insurance had a $2000 deductible, and thus could not claim.

No Claim!

In this situation a Personal Accident insurance would have covered all of Mary’s treatments including the Rabies shots, and the follow-up out-patient treatments.

Total cost: 15,000 baht



Personal Accident Cover – Plan 1
Full medical cover

A broken leg

Her leg was broken quite badly, and an ambulance was needed to collect her.

120,000 ฿

She had an accident policy covering up to 100,000 Baht. Also had a health policy covering $500,000 USD with a $2,000 deductible (60,000 Baht).

Claim & Cash

She claimed the first 100,000 Baht on her PA insurance, and paid the remaining 20,000 baht her self.

Total cost: 20,000 baht
PA insurance saved her 40,000 baht

Personal Accident Plans

Which plan is best for you?

Costs are based on age. View the summary of cover below.
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Medical Expenses arising from an accident per each occurrence
50,000 ฿
100,000 ฿
Broken Bones, Burns, or Internal Injuries
10,000 ฿
20,000 ฿
Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight , or Total Permanent Disability
500,000 ฿
1,000,000 ฿
Permanent Disability - Public Transportation
500,000 ฿
1,000,000 ฿
Permanent Disability - Official Thai Holiday
500,000 ฿
1,000,000 ฿
Murder or Assault
250,000 ฿
500,000 ฿
Accident while riding or traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle
250,000 ฿
500,000 ฿

Accident Insurance FAQ

Do I have to purchase Personal Accident Insurance with a General Annual Policy?

No. But generally I would recommend it. PA and full health insurance work together, they are not substitutes for each other.

Is deductible the same as 'Excess'?

Yes – these are different terminologies for the same thing.

If I buy Personal Accident Insurance - can I cancel my General Health cover?

Technically you could – but it’s definitely not recommended. Personal Accident insurance has a lower total cover and is designed for accidents, not large injuries that you still want cover for.

Can I have two separate Health Insurance policies running at the same time?

Generally speaking no you can’t. But I this case you can. Personal Accident insurance will work with any existing insurance policy you might have.

What is covered under personal accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance is a form of protection that provides insurance coverage in the form of medical expense reimbursement and partial income compensation in the event of an unexpected accident that results in a personal injury, broken bones, disability, death or other forms of physical trauma.

What are the 2 main types of personal accident insurance policies?

You have the option of two plans which are imaginatively called: Plan 1, and Plan 2. The goal of both plans are the same in that they provide financial protection for you in the event you need medical assistance following an accident.

Practically the only difference is the cost, and the level of protection they provide.

What is not covered in personal accident?

Personal Accident insurance provides compensation in case of injury, disability, loss of organ or death caused by accident.

Excluding the cost of medical or any expenses caused by illness.

On the contrary, health insurance provides protection for the cost of medical expenses. It does not cover any expenses caused by an accident.

Does travel insurance cover personal accident?

The exact details of Travel Insurance policies vary from policy to policy. However in general these are designed for ‘travel’, and are unlikely to cover any accident situation where you are resident, or located in one country for a long term. 

The duration limit varies, however many limit this to a maximum of 30 continual days in any one Country. Refer to your Travel Insurance documentation for exact details.

Other questions?

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"He knows his stuff!"
Making expat financial products transparent and honest is not an easy job, yet you always deliver with a smile
Jacob Mellor
Chiang Mai
The pain of a dog bite is negligible. The peace of mind in getting timely treatment with a solid insurance policy is priceless"
Kate Harrah
Chiang Mai
When we found ourselves in predicaments no one could have foreseen, they both jumped in and went out of their way to help us.… "They gave us quick personal service with out-of-the-box solutions. We couldn't be happier!
Carol Nelson
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Insurance seems so confusing sometimes and then being an expat with not knowing the language makes a bit more unnerving . Insurance is meant to put your mind at ease and be there for you in an emergency . You have helped with putting my mind at ease .
Chiang Mai
Without Andy’s competence and Thai language expertise, I would have had a much more difficult experience dealing in a stressful situation
Douglas Canete
Chiang Mai
Andy’s been brokering insurance in Thailand for 12 years and saved many expats from disaster. He speaks scholarly Thai and knows how to deal with insurers and hospitals
Godfree Roberts
Chiang Mai

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