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Chiang Mai, a city renowned for its cultural heritage and picturesque landscapes, is also home to an impressive array of hospitals and medical centres.

These institutions, equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by highly-skilled medical professionals, offer a wide range of services from routine examinations to complex surgeries. This listing highlights the main options, with a particular focus on expat centric service providers.

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Hospital Spotlight:

Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital
5 Stars

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai is a renowned part of the Bangkok Hospital Group, an established network of 40 hospitals across Thailand.

Known for its quality healthcare and patient-centric approach, the hospital in Chiang Mai has a collection of specialized centers and clinics, offering expert medical and surgical services.

The hospital’s International Medical Service provides language support in multiple languages, catering to a diverse international clientele.

ChiangMai Ram Hospital

ChiangMai Ram
5 Stars

The Chiangmai Ram Hospital, a cornerstone of Thailand’s prominent Ramkhamhaeng Group, offers internationally recognized health care steeped in Thai hospitality.

This private hospital distinguishes itself through superior standards, modern facilities, and an understanding of patient care that marries technical expertise with sensitive attention. Committed to high-quality healthcare, Chiangmai Ram Hospital is backed by highly skilled specialists and cutting-edge equipment, adhering to ISO 9002 standards.

As of November 2009, it proudly holds the “Gold Seal Quality Approval” from the Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA), positioning itself as the first hospital in northern Thailand and one among over 200 globally-revered hospitals to gain this prestigious accreditation.

Lanna Hospital

4.5 Stars

Lanna Hospital in Chiang Mai is a notable choice for quality, affordable healthcare. With 180 beds, it specializes in various fields including back pain and cardiology, renowned for their exceptional care throughout Northern Thailand.

The hospital caters to international patients proficiently, offering English, Japanese, and Mandarin interpreters. Many of its surgeons and specialists have received overseas training.

Services range from dental procedures, infertility treatments, to advanced heart operations, and comprehensive in-patient services such as a rehabilitation centre.

The 24-hour emergency ward is backed by a fleet of rapid-response ambulances, with airlift services available for specialized care at other Thai hospitals.

Special Note:

Lanna Hospital has two major sites in CM, known as Lanna 1, and Lanna 3. There is an approximately 9 min walk by road between the two sites.

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