Best Gym’s in Chiang Mai – 2023

Living as an expat in Chiang Mai brings a world of excitement and new experiences. One important aspect that should not be overlooked is staying fit.

Engaging in regular exercise not only keeps you physically healthy but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the local scene, connect with the community, and make the most of this incredible City.

Chiang Mai Gyms

When it comes to staying fit in Thailand, joining a gym is undeniably one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals. While the country offers a plethora of outdoor activities and opportunities for physical exercise, a gym provides a host of unique advantages that can greatly contribute to your overall fitness enjoyment.


Firstly, a gym offers a temperature-controlled and weather-proof environment that allows you to exercise regardless of the weather or time of day. Chiang Mai’s tropical climate can be hot and humid, making outdoor workouts uncomfortable at best or potentially even unsafe such as during the burning season with poor pollution.


Secondly, gyms in Chiang Mai are equipped with a wide array of fitness machines, weights, and exercise equipment. Whether you’re into cardio exercises, weightlifting, or group fitness classes, you’ll find a range of options to cater to your specific preferences and goals. Having access to professional trainers and instructors can be especially valuable for expats seeking guidance, personalized workout plans, and proper form to maximize their fitness efforts.


Additionally, joining a gym in Thailand provides an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and fitness. Engaging with fellow gym-goers can lead to new friendships, training partners, and a supportive community that motivates and inspires you in your expat life.


Chiang Mai offers expats an abundance of gym options. Some provide additional features such as swimming pools, saunas, specialised classes and personal training services that may appeal to you and influence your selection.

Gym solution that fits your lifestyle

The information and directory below will assist you in making your gym short-list and your ultimate selection.

Chiang Mai Gym. How to decide?

How to find your perfect gym in Chiang Mai?


First things first, location is key. You don’t wanna be trekking across town (especially during rush hour) just to get a workout in. Find one that’s close to home or work so that you can get into a regular routine without easy excuses to skip out.

Specific requirement

Is there a specific exercise class, piece of equipment, or feature that’s critical for you such as personal training? If so make sure you look for this as you review your options. For some a swimming pool is essential, for others it’s a nice luxury that you might not want to be paying for if you don’t use it.

Some will like the rawness that a no-frills free-weight gym might provide. Others want to feel pampered with cool looking gear, beautiful views as they jog on their treadmill, and a nice relaxing sauna and shower area after their workout. There’s no right or wrong, just what’s right for you. So get clear on what you’re looking for, or you won’t know when you’ve found it.


Lockers and storage is an important feature that all gyms should provide, but it’s worth doing a double check on. Some are busted beyond usability.


Do you have a limited budget? Do you prefer to pay-as-you-go, or like the extra commitment that a monthly or yearly subscription might provide. Bottom line: Find a gym that vibes with you, meets your needs, and gets you pumped to crush those fitness goals! You got this! 💪

Gym Directory

This directory lists the main gyms in Chiang Mai. Our personal favourites are shown at the top, with others options listed below.

Our Favourites

Heavy Hit Boxing Gym Chiang Mai

"Really nice place! It was my first time doing Muay Thai and people who work there were really friendly and had patience to explain the elbow move for me"

CNX Gym Directory - HeavyHit - 900x450px
5 Stars

Learn & train Muay Thai at Heavy Hit Boxing Gym, ideal for all gender of all ages.
Group class or personal trainer available.

Crossfit Chiang Mai

"One of the best CrossFit gyms in Southeast Asia. Been to multiple CrossFit gyms in vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia the last few months and this one really stands out. Very friendly members, knowledgeable staff, really clean, well equipped and a good price too. Highly recommend"

CNX Gym Directory - CrossFit - 900x450px
5 Stars

CFCNX has a great selection of equipment for training, two distinct indoor gyms, as well as a large outdoor area with a climbing wall, cargo net, ropes, and grass under tropical rain trees.

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai, Fitness and Wellness

"We loved everything about our 3-day Muay Thai bootcamp! The food was healthy and tasty, the staff was friendly, and the trainers were funny and held you accountable. Can’t wait to go again!"

CNX Gym Directory - Bangarang - 900x450px
5 Stars

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai, Fitness and wellness provides guests with a unique training experience in Chaing Mai Thailand. Our philosophy is based on creating …

Harris Fitness Center

"Gym with everything you need, friendly atmosphere, yoga 4 days in the morning with 4 different styles. Upstairs a huge pool to polish your workout. The price for the membership is best I have seen so far."

5 Stars

Conveniently located on level 6 of the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, the gymnasium is easy to reach from all parts of Chiang Mai.

KZ Pilates

"I have been practicing pilates in KZ Pilates for 2 years. It changes my life. Instead of aging normally like most people, I feel my body becomes younger perhaps by 5 years. I am also much more mindful to my body. Teachers in studio are professional and they can tailor their teaching to my needs."

CNX Gym Directory - KZ Pilates
5 Stars

KZ Pilates is another popular studio in Chiang Mai that you can trust for quality pilates training. The trainer Kae is highly skilled in the sport while still being very humble to those who are just beginning. KZ Pilates studio offers both private as well as group classes.

Gym’s in alphabetical order

ABSolute Gym

ABSolute Gym · Chiangmai RAM CMR Health Center, Boonruangrit rd., Suthep, Muang district, Chiang Mai 50200

Centara Duangtawan Fitness Club

The modern, fully equipped fitness centre offers a variety of exercise equipment. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to assist you and provide your with …

Chiang Mai Fight Fit Muay Thai

Great gym with friendly people and legit trainers. I trained here for about two and a half weeks. It’s a gym where you get as much as you want to put in — if …

Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym

Chiangmai Muay Thai Gym. Muaythai camp and school in Chiangmai Thailand, approved by Thai education department, can support education visa to our students.


Crossfit Chiang Mai

CFCNX (Community Fitness Chiang Mai) is the home of CrossFit Chiang Mai. We offer classic “CrossFit” classes with coaches who have trained the movements and …

D Fitness Chiangmai

Exclusive Fitness Training


Gold Hillside Gym and Fitness

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai, Fitness and Wellness

Gym Bangarang Muay Thai, Fitness and wellness provides guests with a unique training experience in Chaing Mai Thailand. Our philosophy is based on creating …

GYMkruoor Chiang Mai

Harris Fitness Center

Conveniently located on level 6 of the Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel, the gymnasium is easy to reach from all parts of Chiang Mai. The Lotus Hotel sits behind a …

Heavy Hit Boxing Gym Chiang Mai

House Of Male

House OF Male … In the heart of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, To enjoy our sauna, fitness, herbal steam and relaxation centre for men unique in the world …

Jetts 24 Hour Fitness - One Nimman

Jetts One Nimman (Chiang Mai). Jetts’ Club is located on the 4th floor of One Nimman Community Mall, Chiang Mai. Free Trial…

KZ Pilates

Like Fitness

Magnus Fitness Center

Good gym slightly out of town, with wide variety of exercise equipment and free range weights. Good price too.

Maxx Professional Fitness

Yoga can be practiced by ordinary people of all ages. It helps prevent physical problems such as joint problems, enhance flexibility of muscle and tissue …

Mayan Gym

Metal Gym Club

Miss Fitness Chiangmai Lady Only Gym

O2 Gym

Playground Innovative Training Club

We believe everyone has things they want to do.. We are the club specifically designed to help you get stronger to achieve your goals.

Power Up Gym Chiang Mai

Pump Fitness Chiangmai

RuamChok Fitness

Sky Kick Muay Thai Training

Speed Gym

TM.Muscle GYM

Virgin Atlantic

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