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Minimum $100,000 covid insurance cover now required

Thailand now requires that you have a minimum of $100,000 USD health/medical insurance that must include Covid cover. Without it you will not get access to Thailand.

Note: At the time of writing it is expected (but not yet confirmed) that Foreign Nationals already in Thailand will soon also require a minimum of $100,000 USD health / medical insurance cover. Contact me for more details. 

The solution

One simple and easy option is Travel Insurance

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More details

What ACS confirmed to CNX Insure…

Globe Traveller insurance. 


Indeed, our Globe Traveller insurance package covers most of the risks that travelling and staying in another country involves such as medical expenses, repatriation expenses to the country of origin, civil liability, individual accident, baggage insurance during outward/return travel.


In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, and in the case of contamination, your medical fees (consultations and hospitalizations), medical repatriation are covered within the limits of the general conditions of the contract. It will be mentioned as well on the policy.   


You can choose the amount the medical expenses cover from 150 000€ to 500 000€ per year and per person. (except for travels to the North America continent where there is a coverage up to 500 000€).


The above downloads are provided for your assistance. Please note that whilst they were correct at the time of publishing they are subject to changes, and only provide a summary of the policy.

For full details contact CNX Insure.