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We never think it's going to happen to us

Truth is we never think it’s going to happen to us. But the reality is that bad stuff can happen to good people at anytime, and often through no fault of their own. All we can do is make sure that we have suitable cover so if the unfortunate does happen you don’t lose your life’s savings overnight.

Ash Pemberton tells his personal story after his son fell off his electric scooter and cut his chin – resulting in a 68,000 baht bill.


Insurance is expensive

Whilst it can be reasonably argued that your annual premium cost is always small compared to the potential cost of your medical treatment without it.

There’s no doubt that if we could get great health insurance from a reputable insurance provider at a lower cost that would be very desirable.

Which is why I created the ‘One Life’ group insurance scheme…

The solution

One Life group insurance policy - save 20%

Back in 2016 I set up and arranged a group health insurance policy for the local Chiang Mai expats club. Prior to this group health insurance only existed in the work place.

After a lot of convincing the insurer agreed to write a special policy for the club and flew out from the UK to give a joint presentation to the club and its members. The following week we had 20 members ready to sign up and so the One Life group policy was born.

Joining via the group you get a 20% discount off the premium which will apply every year, not just for the 1st year.

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"High quality International Insurance and 20% off. If you qualify – it doesn't get any better!"

Andy Williams | Insurance advisor

At a glance

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Save 20%

One Life is 20% cheaper

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Covers you for any accident

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Covers any illness including Covid

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Minimum coverage is
$500,000 USD

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Save 20% every year
(not just 1st year)

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No medical

No medical required. Our agent will assist you with a questionnaire

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Join before you are 75 & cover will continue indefinitely

Chiang Mai Expat Club


You need to be a member.
Lifetime membership is 1000 baht

Healthcare International


Insurance provided by
Healthcare International

Personal Accident

I also recommend an additional local Personal Accident policy cover up to 100,000 baht per incident

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