Dealing with cancer in Thailand is never easy


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Melanie and Alan talk frankly about their experience working with CNX Insure whilst going through chemotherapy in Chiang Mai…

Massive thanks to Melanie and Alan for inviting me into their beautiful home on the river, and for the yummy vegan food. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you over the last ten years, and I look forward to working with you as and when needed in the future.


Andy Williams

What follows is a computer generated transcription of the live recording. Expect imperfections…

Speaker 1: So I’m here with Melanie and Adam. I’ve got to fit the camera around in a second, uh, who are, um, long time customers of Andy or Andrew as I will call him. And so let’s ask them a couple of questions. Okay, guys. So, uh, thank you for inviting me along. Um, I just want to take this opportunity. It’s basically kind of crazy a little bit about how long have you been work or as Andrew been working for you guys?

Speaker 2: Uh, over 10 years.

Speaker 1: Wow. Long time. And after 10 years you can still put up with him.

Speaker 3: We could not part with him until our end of day. So after that he’s on his own, we won’t be around, but, uh, we met Andrew at, uh, through the ex-pats club and that’s, uh, that’s how we met. Cool.

Speaker 1: And now I can see that that’s not real hair there now.

Speaker 2: Well, I have been going through chemo and I lost all my hair and I thought today for,

Speaker 1: Oh, I was a bit disappointed. I was full. I was going to come in with a fellow Bodie and I didn’t feel so bad after my recent boldness showing me up, might steal it from me later. So, um, obviously a challenging time. They’ve owned easy times, go through chemo. My mum went through chemo as well. So I’ve got a little bit experience of that, and it’s never the easiest time, but as it been, there’ll be a comfort knowing you’ve had someone to sort of support you a little bit in terms of the insurance. And as Andy been helping you at all,

Speaker 2: I can’t say enough how wonderful Andrew has been so communicative and the efficiency of communicating with the insurance company and just helping us through, uh, we, we’re so grateful. I’m so grateful. Uh, we can’t say enough how wonderful and you has.

Speaker 1: That’s amazing. Thank you.

Speaker 3: When, when this is the first time we’ve put in a claim after 10 years, uh, with our insurance company and Andrew said, don’t worry about letting me don’t let me take care of, you know, because you know, the expenses are very high. We didn’t know what would be covered. What would Andy, let me take care of it, working with Bangkok hospital and the insurance company. And it just took over, you know, some of the, it’s not a burden, some of the challenges that having

Speaker 1: There’s enough going on right now, sort of time, this is enough complications and challenges,

Speaker 3: The emotional stress that we were under. And Andrew just came through as he always has over the years. Uh, so we can’t speak highly enough of his wonderful personality, his warmth, his compassion, and this kindness, kindness, uh, you know, being new Yorkers. We’re not used to have not been used to that type of service, uh, coming from, you know, Andy provided us, you know, with all the information that he could possibly put just to, just to flow with it now because our emotions were running very high. Yeah.

Speaker 2: And communicating with the insurance company and right away forwarding the email communications with the insurance. So we were up and up on everything. We just really, we can’t say enough how we appreciate how great,

Speaker 3: Not only for a service, you know, as a sales rep for insurance company. And also as a human being, uh, very high on the scale of, as Millie said of his kindness and generosity and looking out for us, it’s not a question of, you know, how much we pay each year is what, you know, what he can do to make it easier for us as being retirees.

Speaker 2: Andrew’s compassion. You know, for me, going through the sick chemo it’s I would not recommend it.

Speaker 3: We do recommend a Bangkok hospital for foreigners. The level of service from the lady takes the blood to the people in the office, the doctors we have hungers and

Speaker 1: [inaudible]

Speaker 2: The, his surgeon went through a few procedures with him. So console, wonderful oncologist, uh, her, all her experience, uh, we, we, we can’t say enough compared to America, you know, we always say in America, forget it. Plus the expedience of able to see the doctor right away and get everything, you know, going so quick.

Speaker 3: All the blood tests done at the same time and get the results within an hour or so. So Bangkok hospital, you know, three thumbs up

Speaker 1: How’d you been working with other hospitals before moving there or

Speaker 3: No, our daughter was here a few years ago coming from a meditation retreat in Burma and she was dehydrated. So we quickly went to another hospital, you know, nice, but not the level of

Speaker 2: Service

Speaker 3: Here. Um, so that’s our only experience.

Speaker 2: I’m grateful to say we both been in good health and we haven’t had any ne

Speaker 3: I had minor surgery at bank present patient. And again, um, the doctors have far X, you know, our expectation of doctors comes from the states where there really is very little, uh, I did go to a hospital once we sit in the waiting room for hours waiting for a physician. And because the kidney stone was so small as it all, you’ll let it pass. Is it, you know, it’s, it’s different, isn’t it much

Speaker 2: The egos of, I’m not saying all, but a lot of the American doctors is just a quickie, but the doctor wants a, I knew what I was talking about. I’ve always been interested in, I’ve done a lot of reading and he went like this, like you, female idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about. And it turned out that what I said turned out to be true and he did something and that a big scar from it. Uh, anyways, but just the point of the difference that the doctors here, a human being.

Speaker 1: Yeah. I’ve seen that difference as well. Myself, I’ll go to my thing, but yes. Uh, I have noticed that as well. So, um, perhaps somebody else might see this video that Patsy’s on working with Andrew, maybe it doesn’t even have insurance at all. Do you have any thoughts? I mean, would you recommend, what would you say to someone that maybe is considering working with Andy?

Speaker 3: Absolutely. We’ve heard, you know, from other sources that the Thai insurance companies, you know, it’s kind of iffy because we are foreigners. So the best is international insurance that we used to have a travelling insurance. We don’t travel anymore, but at least we were secure better the habit

Speaker 1: Better to have it and not use it, then need it and not have it. Right. Yeah,

Speaker 3: Exactly. Mellie says that all the time. So one should have insurance here, um, and

Speaker 2: Best, best, best resource contact for health insurance. We absolutely.

Speaker 1: Okay. Well he’s, are you guys going to go through the roof now? I’m gonna have to come and down later, that’s lovely to hear.

Speaker 3: I wouldn’t say it otherwise because honesty is very important to us and integrity, and we wouldn’t be doing this. We didn’t feel as though to help and any way we can, as much as he’s helped us as, as human beings. So

Speaker 1: That’s lovely. So yeah. Thank you for today. Thank you for inviting me over to do this because I know that other people are, you know, considering insurance, you know, and not always doing it. And sometimes we don’t invest in things we don’t think we’re gonna need. Right. And the reality is that sometimes we do need it. Don’t have it. So it’s kind of our job to just to raise a little bit of awareness there. And, uh, this is why I want to come on and speak to you guys

Speaker 2: Saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and better to have the ensure habit and not leave it the needle and

Speaker 1: Not have,

Speaker 2: We really didn’t have to file any claims. And now with this chemo and all this, uh, we very, very great.

Speaker 1: Yep. All right. So that was, um, a little bit from Melanie and Allen and thank you to them for sharing that with us today. If you do have any questions about insurance and please do pick up the phone, sending a message, um, you know, let Andy answer any questions you may have and you know, and where it’s appropriate, where it’s right for you, then get the insurance that you need. That’s it from me.

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