Medical Health Disregarded. Good or dumb?

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So in this video our two fictional characters Jon and Gavin along with our insurance advisor Andy Williams illustrate the conundrum, appeal, and challenges with getting Health Insurance in under 10 minutes.

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Easy online health insurance in just a few clicks. Is that the right thing to do? Hi, I’m sat here today with two people that are interested in getting some medical insurance, Gavin and John.

So I’m Gavin. I wanna get my insurance policy as quickly as possible. I don’t wanna read loads of small print, I certainly don’t wanna answer a thousand questions, I just wanna get it done and get on with my day.

No problem, Gavin, this is the simplest way to apply for health insurance. I have an application form for you where you fill in some basic information, name, address, date of birth, a copy of your passport, your signature, and that’s all I need from you and you’ll be able to get insurance today.

Thanks Andy. That’s absolutely awesome. I love that you made that super easy for me to do and I can get on with my day and I’m heading for the golf course.

Hey, I’m John now I want to know all of the details in the application. I’m happy to answer any medical questions that you have for me. I’m also happy to go for a medical, I want to know everything that I’m gonna be covered from for dear one.

Okay, John, I’ve got an application form for you. This is gonna require some basic information, but also more detailed information where there’s a medical questionnaire, it’s around about 45 questions to answer. Probably gonna take about half an hour to an hour to complete. Here you go.

Oh, thanks for that Andy. I’ll get on with filling that out and if I’ve got any questions, I’ll ask.

Hi, Andy. Gavin here. Got rushed to hospital the other day from the golf course with some heart problems. Three days later, finally escaped but managed to rack up a big bill there, over 380,000 bar. And I’ve found out the insurance company doesn’t wanna pay out because I take a daily sort of tablet for this condition. You know what the hell’s going on? Why am I not covered?

Gavin? Medical history disregarded does not mean medical history disregarded. They disregard your medical history at the point of application. That’s why the application process was so quick and so easy. So what’s happened in your case is you’ve had chest pains, you’ve gone to the hospital, you’ve received treatment during that time. The insurer has then looked at your medical history, found that you take medication for blood pressure and that has now been classified as a pre-existing condition and therefore they will not pay.

Thanks Andy. I got your reply and I’m happy to move forward. I noticed that they had made a few exclusions on the policy. One of them was due to taking medication for blood pressure that I can also see that they’d offered me to pay a little bit extra on top of the premium to get those conditions covered. I’ve decided that I’m gonna go for that option, pay a bit extra and have everything covered right from day one.

Hi Andy. I’m just touching base with you. Actually, I wanted to let you know that I recently got hospitalised. I, came down with some chest pains got rushed to the hospital spent about three days in the hospital. But the good news is that the insurance covered everything, exactly how you said it would. So I’m very happy with that. And I think I’m now off down to the golf course.

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